Thursday 11th October                  BOOG

Friday 12th October                      MESCALITO BLUES

Saturday 13th October                  BAND OF DAWN

Sunday 14th October                    BAND OF DAWN TRIO

Thursday 18th October                  HAYLEY GRACE SOLO

Friday 19th October                         JOCK BARNES DUO

Saturday 20th October                  PACIFIC HOTEL and STONE & WOOD presents……RICHIE CARTER & SEX WAX  *$10 at the door*

Sunday 21st October                      ANDY JANS BROWN

Thursday 25th October                 SCOTT DAY-VEE SOLO

Friday 26th October                       DU’ EAST

Saturday 27th October                   LOKEEY

Sunday 28th October                     NICOLE BROPHY

Thursday 1st November                NEIL ANDERSON

Friday 2nd November                   HAYLEY GRACE DUO

Saturday 3rd November               SALT & STEEL

Sunday 4th November                   SARAH MARINE

Tuesday 6th November                  MELBOURNE CUP DAY

Thursday 8th November               JOCK BARNES

Friday 9th November                     FORD BROTHERS

Saturday 10th November              THE LYRICAL

Sunday 11th November                   RICHIE CARTER

Thursday 15th November            RICHIE WILLIAMS

Friday 16th November                 ANNA & JED

Saturday 17th November            PISTOL WHIP

Sunday 18th November              TAHLIA MATHESON

Thursday 22nd November        GUY KACHEL 

Friday 23rd November                 OOZ

Saturday 24th November           SEX WAX

Sunday 25th November                LIVE ENTERTAINMENT

Thursday 29th November         SCOTT DAY VEE

Friday 30th November              DU’ EAST

Saturday 1st December              MESCALITO BLUES

Sunday 2nd December             GAVIN DONIGER

Thursday 6th December           NEIL ANDERSON

Friday 7th December                  SUNROSE

Saturday 8th December            SEX WAX

Sunday 9th December               NICOLE BROPHY