Wednesday 16th January         ASKYA

Thursday 17th January              NEIL ANDERSON

Friday 18th January                    FORD BROTHERS

Saturday 19th January               KAYSO GRANDE

Sunday 20th January                  ÜLO

Monday 21st January                COALBY DAY

Tuesday 22nd January               OLD SEMEIL

Wednesday 23rd January         ADAM BROWN & DIRTY CHANNEL

Thursday 24th  January            SARAH FROM PINK ZINC

Friday 25th January                   THE STARKTONS

Saturday 26th January

*AUSTRALIA DAY*                       STONE & WOOD PRESENTS RICHIE CARTER from 230pm

                                                             THE MOONSHINERS from 930pm

Sunday 27th January                 OOZ SOLO

Friday 1st February                    SALTY BONES

Saturday 2nd February            TAHLIA MATHIESON

Sunday 3rd February                  SCOTT DAY VEE

Thursday 7th February                 LOLA SOLA

Friday 8th February                       JOCK BARNES

Saturday 9th February                  SEX WAX DJs

Sunday 10th February                   BOOG

Thursday 14th February               DOM DUO

Friday 15th February                   DJ SEAN McCARTHY

Saturday 16th February              LIVE ENTERTAINMENT

Sunday 17th February                    ANNA & JED

Thursday 21st February                 GUY KACHEL

Friday 22nd February                      THE KAVA KINGS

Saturday 23rd February                THE DREGGS

Sunday 24th February                   JOSH LEE HAMILTON

Thursday 28th February               PHIL & TILLY

Friday 1st March                                  LIVE ENTERTAINMENT

Saturday 2nd March                          MAPSTONE

Sunday 3rd March                             BENJI & THE SSS